It’s been two years!



I cannot believe it has been two years…

So much has happened in those two years! I feel like life has done one massive 180 degree turn. First of all thank you to all of you that still continue to follow and support my little bit of the webosphere! I really do appreciate it! You are wonderful webblings! When I first started this blog I think I had literally just finished my first year of my law degree and me and Will has decided to give things a go (as a couple). I was still living in student halls when I wrote several of my first posts and I remember I was sat on my sofa back at home when I transferred my mass posts from blogger to here!

I think one thing that has definitely changed is that I am 100% me. I am most definitely the breton stripe and dungaree wearing girl I was always meant to be! I feel completely myself where as looking back roughly two years I was just a shell of a girl. I think when I started to blog my outer shell has already started to crack but let’s just say it’s well and truly cracked now! I can guarantee you would not have found that me singing Beauty and the Beast songs in the car with Will! In fact he told me the other day I didn’t even hug him when he visited me… which is just blooming terrible!

Oh so much has changed! Some for the good, some things have not been so good! I feel like I have found my soul mate, the one who just gets me and knows me inside out and back to front. The one who embraces all my quirks (believe me there are many) and just loves me unconditionally despite my body resembling someone in their 70’s….

I never envisaged that this man would make me feel so comfortable within my skin and that he would turn out to be my very best friend. It’s funny how life goes isn’t it?

I was just a bit hard, I just wanted to have a laugh and blimey I barely phoned my parents in first year (which is unheard of because I am so incredibly close with them and like to speak to them very regularly).

I have lived in so many different places throughout the last two years:

  • Student Halls in Sheffield
  • The grim flat in Sheffield
  • The studio apartment in Sheffield
  • My home back in Guernsey
  • The latest being in Will’s house in Bristol (which we are making into a home!)

I cannot believe that I have actually finished my law degree! I cannot believe that we have taken the rather big step to move in together after dreaming about living with my bestie since the moment I met him! I still cannot believe that I have a job and that I start work in a few weeks time!

I love to look back at the dreamy memories that I/we’ve made over those last two years and think about the wonderful things we have seen and the places we have been to! In some ways I am so so thankful that I chose to document these precious moments because they will always remain on here for me to read back when I am grey and old.

I’m looking forward to sharing my new life here in Bristol with you all and showing the house as it evolves and develops into a little home! There are a lot of things to look forward to!

Some things to look forward to in the upcoming months?

  • Starting work
  • Housie things
  • Learning to drive and getting my dream mini cooper!
  • Our holiday to Turkey
  • Me turning 23
  • Will’s sister having her baby
  • Will’s Birthday

One chapter of Charzweb may have closed (i.e. being an undergrad) but there is so much more to look forward to! I hope you’ll stick around for some serious adulting as I like to put it!

Here’s to the third blogiversary! I might be a working woman now but I still plan to document my life here!

Thank you for sticking with me!

Let’s raise a metaphorical glass to many more years of documenting this dreamy life!

Monthly gratitude & things to look forward to: January 2017


If you have been following me for a while, you’d know I used to do weekly gratitudes but with life somewhat getting in the way it has been some time since I have written a gratitude. Whilst I was setting my filofax up it dawned on me how I haven’t shown my gratitude towards this dreamy adventure. I think it is more achievable to write a monthly gratitude! So my little webblings that is what is going to happen. I shall post a monthly gratitude which will consist of a small summary, things I am looking forward to as well as six reasons why I am grateful!

Lets’ go!

We are two weeks into the new year, my heart is most definitely full. I feel somewhat overwhelmed with sheer gratitude and anticipation for the coming year. I feel like a child who has been let loose in a toy shop. So far 2017 is treating us well. It the year in which a lot of changes will happen and there are a considerable number of milestones which will need to be documented along the way. So far January 2017 has been quite laid back, I’ve spent precious time with my family as life is about to change and I will not be popping back home anytime soon. I have had some delicious food and had the tastiest steak with my parents the other night! I also went out for food with my Auntie and Mum on Friday for lunch as well as coffee, brunch and catch ups with the girls!

Screen Shot 2017-01-14 at 16.36.52.png

Screen Shot 2017-01-14 at 16.37.32.png


This is my final weekend in Guernsey for quite some time, today we went on a lovely wintery walk (me and Mum) and stopped for a cheeky hot chocolate at Bordeaux. It was beautiful. Such a precious moment to hold onto and treasure.


Things to look forward to:

  • Being reunited with Will in Bristol
  • Each day spent in Sheffield is a step closer to the last
  • Settling back into a routine
  • Cooking meals and cakes in a mug
  • Getting back to my 10k steps a day


Six gratitudes:

  • Precious moments spent with those I love.
  • Being reunited with my one and only.
  • Delicious food consumed with nearest and dearest.
  • Catch up with friends
  • Dreams about the future
  • Upcoming big and exciting changes


Let’s talk about the future


So I’ve been doing some thinking about that big and scary concept otherwise known as the future! Where on earth has the time gone? One minute it felt like I was a little girl and the next I’m planning for big things. For those of you who are fairly new, maybe I should kind of first address what I’m actually doing with my life!

So in short I’m in my final year of my LLB (put simple I’m a final year law student, who will soon be a law graduate before you know it…) So yeah. Law is my area. I mean I’m interested in a lot of other areas such as owning pretty patterned kitchen ware and being an avid dungaree and pinafore wearer… but if we are being serious. Law is my ‘thing’ which might sound cliche.

I had a chat with my darling Mumsie today over the phone about what to do next. I suppose I’d compare it to that feeling when you ended an era at school. Looking back the transitional period between primary and secondary seemed monumental… so if we scale the transitional period by 100 then that sort of explains it. Maybe. We were saying how she remembers attending the opening day and remembers me clearly saying I want to be like those people and now I’m literally like the people that were selling the course to prospective students! It’s crazy how time flies!

Anyway I got waylaid, no surprises… back to the future


(sorry couldn’t resist that opportunity, I’m so weak)

In terms of my future, I mean there are quite a lot of options in hindsight, i’ll list some

  • Get a job
  • Do a master
  • LPC (Legal practice course)
  • Cilex route (fast track diploma to qualify as a chartered legal executive)
  • Paralegal-ing
  • Lucrative TC (training contract)299655-pokemon-19-rattata

So there’s my options. I mean in an ideal world wouldn’t it be fab if training contracts appeared as often as blooming rattatas… (such pesky things!) Oh it would also be fab if money  grew on trees in order to pay for such things. My initial thought was to do the LPC, there is of course a but. The LPC is due to change in a few years and my lecturers/seminar tutors are unsure whether to advise the LPC because of the planned change. One thing I know for certain is that I am moving from the North. I’ll be honest my heart just isn’t here anymore and if I’m honest it’s only with one person who resides in the South… so yeah go figure! I’m a southern softie and I’ve managed living here on my own for two years (9 months to go) but I’m ready to let go.

So, I have come up with a bit of a plan. I’m going to literally throw my all into this year and my practical based modules! I’m here to get a degree and that’s very much my attitude for this year. No faffing as I like to call it. Anyway back to the plan. I’ve taken a lot of factors into account such as finance, happiness, practicality and realistic expectations. So this girl is planning to go down the Cilex route. It’s cost effective, working counts towards qualifying, no pricey LPC or lucrative training contract, salary is similar and you can still become a partner of a firm (that my friends is a dream right there!) I can basically start the course at any point during the year and I’m eligible for fast track because I have a law degree which means I do not have to dable with the delights such as tort and equity and trust again! I can do it remotely through distance learning and it literally costs a fraction of the price! In a realistic world it is also more probable that I will be able to get a paralegal role instead of a hard to come by TC!

That is the plan.

I’m excited. I need to start keeping an eye out for jobs and need to be pushed into a car head first and be forced to drive the damn thing. I feel like now I have a plan, I am better prepared for what I have to start doing.

Blog wise: I’m not sure where this blog is going. I just really enjoy it, and enjoy your lovely comments and reading other bloggers work! I mean I am already inundated with research and work and it is only going to get worse so the content may dip here and there but I do ultimately want to keep my little bit of the webosphere running! I feel like this blog houses a lot of special memories and is effectively a bit of a diary and I like it. I think it will be good to look back on in the future. It will be good to see musings that share my thoughts and posts that house fun filled adventures. I hope you’ll stick with me! I mean I’ll never be one of those that makes a career out of their passion because law is demanding and I haven’t worked hard to simply throw it all away.

I hope you understand! BUT I am overall excited! I’m excited about the future! I’m excited about potential job prospects, I’m excited about my future with my partner in crime and I’m just excited to see what life has to offer for the two of us! It’s all very exciting and change is good!

On that note chums, I am off to bed as I have a 9am employment lecture to contend with (and live about 40 mins away!)


Let’s talk about the future!

Hello munchkins!

Grab a cuppa, sit back and get comfy it’s going to be a long one! The future, gosh it’s all so incredibly scary BUT at the same time it’s very exciting! I have finished my first week at the placement with the firm! My research project is slowly coming together and I think I am heading in the right direction! I am absolutely loving the fact that I have both Friday and Monday to do things which I desperately need to do such as applications for the opportunity to work in a magic circle firm in London, I also need to try and update some of my documents which are needed in my portfolio and I really in an ideal world need to start revising for my upcoming exams! All whilst trying to write a thesis on the Police Forces misconduct during the German Occupation for a very educated and well respected lawyer (no pressure then!)

I cannot believe where the time has gone! 

A week today I will be getting ready to head back to England! I have quite a lot of deadlines coming up, I need to get my London application in by the 8th April and then my portfolio for one of my core modules is due on the 25th April and then my exams start on the 3rd May! Its pretty hectic!

All I can say is… SUMMER come at me! I had planned to come home sometime in April but looking at times and dates it just isn’t possible! So I shall stay in the UK, revise like no tomorrow, sit my exams and then I shall fly back home for a week or so! Then I will fly to Southampton (Will has kindly offered to pick me up) then we are heading to France on the 27th!? I think it’s then! I know he’s booked somewhere to stay so we will be ready to get on the ferry!) From here on out I’m one busy lady!

In the summer I have another placement in a different firm and have been offered a job by the firm I am currently at during the summer! We also have a friend who has told me to contact him to arrange experience in the Courts! It is going to be hectic I tell you!

My contract on my current flat runs out in late June! My lease on my studio starts in September which means my belongings are spread between Guernsey and Reading (where my kitchen things are residing) I am so looking forward to my city living studio life! It is just so incredibly bright and airy!

Third year is looking crazy busy! I’m still iffing and hmming whether to apply for a training contract this year or whether I should wait so I can add a bit more to my CV! Decisions, decisions! I’m also debating whether I should apply to study the LPC (because it is due to change very shortly!) One thing that I have decided on is to give it a shot! All of this hard work for nothing seems absurd really and if I don’t apply to places then I will never know! I’m one determined little lady when it comes to life goals and ambitions! I really need to write a bit more of this thesis before I email it to him for him to look over and to advise me whether I’m heading in the right direction or nose diving into the sea so to speak…

I got an email from my university about graduating (FYI I’m in my second year) but it really got me thinking that this time next year it will all be over. That will be it. I have been at university for 547 days, 1 year & 6 months…


Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 21.16.18.png

It will be over before I know. I wonder what the future will bring. I wonder where I will be in two years time. Que sera sera!

Love & Hugs

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 15.04.44