A flossie to do list.

Evening my loves. Tonight I wanted to talk about my 'Bucket List'. I don't really like that term so mine shall be called 'The Flossie To-do List' `(if achieved before I'm 30 then that's blooming marvellous but if it takes my whole life time I am okay with this). I mean the concept of a… Continue reading A flossie to do list.

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Be perseverant!

If life has taught me anything so far in my twenty one years on this earth, then it is this... Be perseverant! The unfortunate thing is that nothing is handed to us on a plate, we have to work for what we have, we have to actively seek experiences and jump at every single opportunity… Continue reading Be perseverant!

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Birthdays, they hold a fair amount of importance, but as I'm told the older you get the less people care unless it is a special one! If that is the case then people tend to go all out to celebrate! My sister would be turning the big 1-8 this year, she would have been excited… Continue reading Birthdays

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Feel good Friday: setting realistic goals!

Morning my little web makers! How are we all this fine Friday? It's a Friday so we all know what that means queue a positive and upbeat post! Todays topic of discussion is about setting realistic goals! It's a well-known fact that we are ALL guilt of setting unattainable goals! For example take new years… Continue reading Feel good Friday: setting realistic goals!