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The unknown

Evening, I thought I would write an incredibly honest kind of post. I thought I'd include an extract of a post I wrote back in July 2017. Could you imagine waking up one morning and realising that you can no longer feel the left side of your face. From one moment to the next your… Continue reading The unknown


Dealing with cabin fever and anger

Hiya, I've got another late night chat for you lucky buggers! Todays topic of discussion is .... cabin fever (not the film) as well as anger. It is official, I am suffering from cabin fever and I'll tell you for why (if you get that reference then please can we be friends, I am being… Continue reading Dealing with cabin fever and anger

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Fitness Fri yay!

What better day to talk fitnessΒ than on a FRIYAY! I've recently set myself the challenge of getting fit! I kind of just want to do it for me! Y'know one of those things that you do for yourself because well you can? So yeah I am embarking on a fitness journey to tone those wobbly… Continue reading Fitness Fri yay!

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Let’s get fit!

So it's the beginning of a new month! I feel like I should set myself a goal of getting fit! I want to try and tone up my body! It's not about calorie counting this time around. It's about everything in moderation and daily work outs! It's super late at night but today was day… Continue reading Let’s get fit!

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Food talk

As promised I am back with a post all about... you guessed it...Β FOOD. I love food, food is friend. (just not too much or too little) I made a rather thrilling trip to Marks & Spencers this morning to buy a few little goodies which I was really fancying! I'm trying to be good... myself… Continue reading Food talk

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Feel Good Friday: Check them baps and check your racks!

Evening little web makers! So the title is probably a tad intriguing but you guessed it, this post is about your nunganungas! and before you ask... Yes I am getting my breasticle literary from a cringy film that I obsessed over in my teens and if you want to laugh at how bloody cringey this… Continue reading Feel Good Friday: Check them baps and check your racks!