A flossie to do list.


Evening my loves.

Tonight I wanted to talk about my ‘Bucket List’. I don’t really like that term so mine shall be called ‘The Flossie To-do List’ `(if achieved before I’m 30 then that’s blooming marvellous but if it takes my whole life time I am okay with this).

I mean the concept of a bucket list has been around for a very long time and despite the hype I never boarded the bucket list bandwagon until now. I feel like kicking the bucket isn’t a very me term so I’m going to try and achieve all of these things before I flossie my way outta here! If I manage to achieve all that I set out to do then other things will be added because life is all about living and making dreamy memories right?

So without further a do… here it is

Flossie’s To-do List

  1. Ride in a tuk tuk.
  2. Go in a hot air balloon.
  3. Visit Canada.
  4. Spend Christmas in New York.
  5. Adopt a doggie.
  6. Have babies.
  7. Get married.
  8. Join some sort of water sports e.g. aqua aerobics.
  9. Hire a canal boat.
  10. Go on holiday just me and Will.
  11. See some bears in Alaska.
  12. Ride the Rocky Mountaineer Train.
  13. Take Dad and Mum to Abu Dhabi to F1 world and to see F1 racing.
  14. Own a mint green kitchen aid.
  15. Attend a festival.
  16. Go on a husky ride/own huskies.
  17. Stay in a teepee.
  18. Go skinny dipping.
  19. Achieve front door perfection.
  20. Visit Japan.

Better get started!


22 things that I learnt whilst being an undergrad at university!


Oh Hiya! It’s me.

  1. Embrace first year, be hellish wild, do irresponsible things BUT (always stay safe).


  1. In halls you are normally paired with an absolute bunch of misfits, your characters will clash, one flatmate will ALWAYS come back and wreck something and whilst doing so will no doubt set the fire alarm off whilst attempting to ‘cook’ popcorn chicken.


  1. You will be loving the whole ‘freedom’ from your parents, responsibilities and your actions may sometimes be questionable. You’ll learn that Ryan and Ed were not your true loves but never the less you’ll still cry over the what ifs at 2am in the morning whilst sipping cheap and nasty alcohol straight from the bottle.


  1. Fast food is your friend! Perhaps it was a saving grace that I was vegetarian and therefore my choices were extremely limited i.e. cheesy chips or veggie pizza which meant that I did not become the size of a small whale. Kebabish was life.


  1. Second year, where do I even begin. I like to call it the ‘odd one out’. I don’t know about you but I felt a tad lost in second year, I felt like it was an odd period of time and the home sickness and Will sickness most definitely struck… BUT if you can push through second year woes there’s only 1 more year to go my loves!


  1. Please never leave your drinks unattended or accept drinks from strangers… it will backfire and you will throw up repeatedly down yourself and struggle to remember your own name. Also, just for a heads up don’t be that idiot that spikes people’s drinks and preys on vulnerable ‘I’m totally an adult now’ girls… it’s just NOT cool.


  1. Third year will feel like a freight train has literally come and smacked you full on and you are currently fighting for your life with a mangled body. Yes, it’s as hard and full on as EVERYONE says. Yes, there is a LOT of work to do. Yes, you may want to eat a full 123g of Twix bites or a full tube of pringles and that is ok because girl/boy you sure as hell deserve it!


  1. The whole 9am lectures are not as bad as 5pm/6pm ones, believe me! After having to sit through a 2 hour lecture on European Union Law and 6pm I’d rather drag myself out of bed at an ungodly hour that cry and fight the urge to fall asleep (let’s face it we should already be in bed).


  1. Earplugs are friends, it’s no lie that walls in student houses are THIN. I’m most definitely not going into the gory deets but for your own sake… PLEASE invest in a good set of earplugs for both you and your significant other when visiting. It will avoid a lot of heated early morning chats regarding your flat mates at an elevated tone.


  1. Milk is sacred, don’t think just because you got semi skimmed milk when your flatmate drinks skimmed milk that precious cargo is safe!!! Milk always goes missing as does a 12 pack of burgers that you have been fantasizing over since last night when you rolled in at 4am and in a bid to save money you avoided walking into a notorious fas food establishment to only discover that those sodding burgers are no where to be seen and you are too far gone to return to the goodness that was London road.


  1. Drinks in the North are cheap! Note to self don’t go out with a £50 note on a night out in Sheffield… you will be absolutely trollied with as little as £10 … a triple is £2 (WINNING)


  1. There will always be one person that you live with during your time at uni that will screw up the dynamics. They will turn everyone against each other and they basically just try and **** up the close tight knit group. Be the bigger person and try to basically pretend this person does NOT exist! I know it’s easier said than done!


  1. Just a heads up… but… during your time at uni you will live in some god awful places, some will be infested in bugs, mould, broken appliances, rodents, and unsavoury characters. I wish I could tell you it’s all part of the fun but sharing my room with silverfish an an array of monster spiders was most definitely not on my agenda.


  1. Letting agents are never fair, read your contract carefully, whatever you do… DO NOT turn up still intoxicated, fighting the urge to vom to sign for your property. You will miss the fine details i.e. the £60 call out charge and the £20 charge for changing lightbulbs (what a bloody rip off)


  1. You think you’ll be friends with those people you met in the first week till the very end. You’ll think you’ll all meet up in each others home cities and they will most definitely be top of the list at your wedding… hate to break it to you BUT people change! To be brutally honest, you might not even talk to some of these people past first year!


  1. Tea is friend. Tea will always be friend in every circumstance. I.e. whether you have done something extremely silly or received bad news. Just grab a cup of tea and the world will be aaaa ok once again!.


  1. Always be yourself! Don’t try and be someone else… i.e. if you love bright colours and clashing prints bloody wear it! Don’t mould yourself into the generic girl that you see everywhere you sodding go. Be you! Believe me it pays off in the long run!


  1. Aldi will most definitely be your friend, you can grab a basket of stuff and it is still bound to come under the £20 mark… WINNING!


  1. Cocktails and G&T is just not a think to drink, y’know all those fancy cocktails you consume back home with the girls… don’t expect it at uni! People will judge you for your choices and so will your bank account.


  1. Find yourself a secret chef… i.e. someone that is bloody good at making pancakes and who won’t mind being called over mid morning to make you and the girls a massive bunch of pancakes and also offers a full English? You heard me right… these people actually exist!.


  1. You’ll come back to see some down right disturbing things (especially in halls) i.e. knife throwing, sexual encounters, illegal substances (you name it you see it all)…so don’t be surprised when the police are banging on your door at 2am looking for a certain someone who may or may not be dealing drugs (yes these people do exist and for all you know you might be sharing a flat with them!)


  1. You’ll look back at when it’s all over with fond memories of the messy nights out, the photos with the people you no longer talk to or have moved on or away, you’ll remember the cringey moments when you were most definitely not planning your life with some random but hot guy from a club. You’ll look back and think… I regret absolutely nothing.


My filofax

Hello! It’s me again!

In hindsight maybe this is a bit of a sad post? Or maybe its a great post and you cannot wait to take a peek? Well my lovelies, today I am introducing you to my new BFF in paper form! If you follow me on Instagram *shameless self promo right there* all you really need to do is look in my side bar but you know, no pressure!

My filofax!


I’m already starting to question how I managed to function without this wonderful little device! I thought I’d start with a pocket sized filofax to ease me in gently! It is the tweet pocket organiser! I thought it was rather chirpy and appropriate for a new year! I also absolutely love the colour! It is very me… to put it simply! I’ve always wanted to keep a diary but I’m just not that dedicated to the cause. I write one solid entry and it slowly trails off by week 2… However I feel completely dedicated to the cause with this little pocket sized beauty! As its mini it means the diary entries are very small sooo all that is needed are a few key words  in order to document that particular dreamy day! Now I wish I was as artistic and creative in order to make my little filofax look rather cute and put together but I’m just not that girl.

Deep down I’m still a doodle heart girl and metallic pen (although I’ve upgraded to metallic sharpie… that makes me an adult for sure!…)

Enough chat. On with the show… which basically means I took a bunch of questionable photos and I am now going to talk you through it. I hear all these technical words like dashboards and whatnot and I’m not silly I know what they are but to be quite honest I just want to doodle hearts, write down precious memories in sparkly pen and draw balloons on people’s Birthday? Do you feel me?


Here, have an arty angle! Oh you also get to see my highly childish pencil but it is the bees knees as you do not have to sharpen it… win, win! I really like the little chick hatching out of an egg clasp, it’s quite cute! I also like pastel birds and mint green.. you would never have guessed I’m sure.


There are a few token post it notes in the pockets! I’m sorry it’s not colour coordinated but I had to work with what I had at my parents house! I have 1 long pink sticky tab in order to make finding things that bit easier, then I have some other cute stickies just in case they are needed! I’m just going to go with the tweety bird cover is my ‘dashboard’ it seems logical!


I thought it would be logical to put my personal information at the front of the planner (I mean it’s currently not that useful because I’m missing the majority of the information but I shall endeavour to fill this out so it could one day be a useful asset!


When I first got the planner the file dividers were at the front as were the to do list, contacts and note paper but I’ve mixed it all up. The calendar is now straight after the personal information page! You’ll soon get to witness one of my rather glorious heart doodles and scribbles in metallic pen… you lucky things!



Now admittedly, maybe my planner looks a tad crazy what with doodles, hearts and metallic pen but I like it! It’s a nice way to document in a sentence what happened that day. I feel like a planner should be a personal thing and that’s why I have no issue doodling and colouring hearts in or writing key words down in metallic! I plan to keep these inserts in a little box and will look back on them in years to come!

So moving towards the back on the planner we have the file dividers! The filofax came with 6 dividers and I have utilised these to the max!

The first divider is my to do list! It contains all the things this girl needs to do… I used some pretty CK stickers to identify each different divider (of course the colour of the sticker corresponds to the planner ;)…)

So probably get the jist! I felt like these were the most suitable divider categories for me! I have flight reward card information, netflix details and spotify within the notes.

Deadlines has all of my remaining university assignments and exams.

Contacts, all my nearest and dearest addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses (their birthday are clearly located in the birthday divider)

Finally I have a section entitled costs! This currently houses the running cost for our upcoming holiday which is recorded on the grid paper!


And we have reached the end! I keep the ruler in the back (where it was) and I just popped a little motivational quote into the plastic wallet! It will probably be replaced with a polaroid at some point! and then theres the notebook which comes with the planner itself in the back pocket!

I am absolutely loving my planner, I love noting things down and have all details in one place! It is great! If you are iffing about buying a planner… my advice is to go for it! I feel much more organised with this little pocket sized beauty in my life!

I hope you enjoyed my whirlwind tour of my planner!

Are you also onboard the planner bandwagon? or are you waiving in the corner?

Love C xxx

A list of things I am looking forward to in March!

March is actually a fairly exciting month (unlike February…) I have quite a lot to look forward to, a few people to see and a fair bit to do! I have very much been waiting for the arrival of March! I also get to fly back home for around two weeks which is of course very exciting! I like lists, for those of you who are new- I like to write lists! Anyway so these are some of things I am looking forward to this wonderful March!




Seeing these lovely two! They are due to arrive on the first of March and I am *maybe* just maybe a little bit excited about seeing them because they are wonderful and fabulous and I love them very very much!



18th March… Going home! Having some home comforts, Mum’s food, my bed, heating, the view! I just want it all! I need some prettiness in my life please!



CATS!!! please give me all the cat loving in the world, I just really want this little mound of fluff to come and claw me to pieces and make me sneeze and be the sass pot that she so is!



Meals out- there are so many delightful restaurants at home. I just want to eat nice food and stop being a student for a week or two…  One in particular I am seriously craving is crab gratin OH MY!



A great big bubbly bubble bath with bath bombs and all the lotions and potions imaginable.



Saturday afternoon cuteness with my nearest and dearest!



Coastal walks and coffee stops which are instagram-able!



Maybe potentially see this one!



Lunch dates and catch ups with Sar!



Sophisticated and civilised cocktails!

So those are some of the photographable things I am looking forward to! I am however incredibly looking forward to my work experience placement!

What are you looking forward to in March?


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