Sometimes life doesn’t go to plan.


Hello it’s meeeee!

It has been a little while since this girl posted on here. I do not particularly want to go into the deets of my life… BUT I do want to acknowledge the fact that sometimes life just doesn’t go to plan no matter how hard you try.

So nearly a month ago I become a law graduate (I blooming got a 2.1, I’m so proud of little old me!) and I made the move to Bristol to be with my baby (that’s Will… not an actual baby FYI). However since I’ve moved to Bristol I have been in quite the sorry state so to speak. For those of you that have read my previous posts would already know that I’ve been having trouble with my left foot for over two months now and it was only a recent development that I can now walk around the shops without my trusty crutch (which has been with me absolutely EVERYWHERE).

I know I’ve not been my self because I have actively chosen to chuck myself in a wheelchair at any given opportunity because I simply just did not have it in me to walk… seemed a tad dramatic especially as I am used to ankle injuries and have managed amicably in the past. I suppose at some points I did second guess why I was feeling quite so ropy.

Anyhoo, my foot basically just turned ‘sassy’ over night and I was complaining to Will… oh my foot hurts, does it look swollen? I really can’t walk on this. It did all seem a tad odd especially as it was my left side (the side that is determined to be an absolute sass pot!)

Then probably around 2.5 weeks ago something else happened, something which was a little more scary. Something which made Will phone the doctor and basically dragged me kicking and screaming about all my ‘issues’. So that appointment was literally so surreal. The things she said to me, I don’t really think I was taking it all in. The result of that appointment amounted in a further referral to a certain kind of specialist and a quick turn around appointment for a procedure. It has been quite the action packed time! What with all these medical thingies.

I don’t want to go into details, but I’ve had to put ‘things’ on hold for now. I’ve had to admit that I just need a bit of time out from e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g

The whole sodding point of this post is that life isn’t exactly going to plan, its not quite panning out as I had envisaged BUT I have so much to be thankful and grateful for! I am so blooming blessed to be surrounded by the most fantastic cheerleaders imaginable (female and male may I add).

I didn’t plan to start our co-habiting life together quite like this?


You know what? Life is what you make of it? What good is there staying in bed and just worrying yourself and wasting precious moments thinking about the what ifs? I’m not letting this small set back phase me because in the scheme of things I’m one lucky girl to have all that I have and to have such an amazing support network!

The moral of this post is that sometimes things don’t go to plan but it doesn’t mean it’s the end of absolutely everything, I try to think of it as a small diversion? I suppose I’ve got to add a good 45 mins onto my journey due to a certain road being closed (which admittedly is blooming annoying but it’s not the end of the world is it?)

So my life motto for life right now is this…


(it actually matches the colour of my top…)

I am blessed.


I am so incredibly blessed.


It’s times like these that make me feel the most blessed. Both myself and Will have been blessed with the most loving and wonderful families imaginable. I have such a wide and wonderful support network, I have the most wonderful man who is always by my side. My parents are just incredible and they truly are my best friends.

I was scared that people would call me a quitter but was quickly reassured that this girl is no quitter. I am blooming proud of all that I have accomplished and the woman I have become. I have a brilliant life, I am so lucky to have what I have. Life itself is a gift. Every day in this world is a gift and I feel like I truly am making the most of this wondrous gift.

The one thing I have learn on this big old adventure is that sometimes it is ok to ask for help, it is ok to not always have it together and it’s ok to crumble at times. I know it feels like I am talking in riddles which do not appear to make a lot of sense but this is my space. This is bit of the webosphere where I can write whatever the hell I want.

There’s currently quite a lot stacked against me… but as the song goes



A weekend adventure: Hestercombe Gardens in Taunton

Happy Sunday my loves!

Yesterday we spent the afternoon mooching/rolling around some absolutely beautiful gardens in Taunton called Hestercombe Gardens! You know what make it even better? They were wheelchair/disabled friendly and my darling Will very kindly pushed me around and I took a few snapshots which I thought I’d share with you! It was roughly an hour’s drive from Bristol and it was very well signposted! I think it’s roughly £11 for an adult (but we got in for a cheaper amount due to the fact I was on crutches which was incredibly kind of them)

Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 15.16.59.png










Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 14.53.53


We had such a lovely time exploring the beautiful grounds and both agreed that we would come back at a later date when I can walk up the more strenuous terrain paths! There were several cafe’s and the house itself which is another of the attractions! We plan to visit the house at a later date! I think it’s a really nice thing to do as a couple or as a family as there are play areas and lots of areas for children to explore! I would definitely come back here with children (At a much later date). There was also a wedding happening at the Oringery when we visited and we both agreed that it looked like a rather beautiful venue (so if you live close to Taunton and are tying the knot I’d highly recommend it! Honesly Hestercombe Garden’s was such a beautiful find and it is relatively quick to get to from Bristol! I look forward to spending more time in those beautiful grounds… who knows we might even take a picnic with us next time and enjoy the cute picnic area! It was so good being able to go on an adventure (even with my current mobility issues) I couldn’t have done it without my bestie and partner in crime who made this adventure possible! I feel so blessed to have him. I hope you enjoyed my snaps and if you are ever in the area… GO GO GO!

Love C xxx

A little musing about life.

Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 14.53.53

If I’ve learnt anything after this leg/foot injury it is this.

Do not take any body part for granted. In Sheffield throughout my 3 years studying law I walked absolutely everywhere. It didn’t matter whether it was raining or shining… I still walked there and back to university every single day. Not once did I miss a day because I could not be bothered to walk. Those that know me well know I absolutely love going on adventures (which typically involves a lot of walking) it is without doubt one of my most favourite things to do. Since moving to Bristol I have been quite restricted in what I have been able to do! I had great ambitions on going on daily walks and being able to do LOTS and lots but I just haven’t been able to. I’ll be honest going anywhere on crutches completely exhausts me. I come home and quite often just get into bed because it’s so blooming tiring. This is by no means a ‘woe is my life post’ because I have an amazing life and I’m so incredibly blessed to share it with some amazing people. This post is more of a do not take your legs or any body part for granted! It is a gift, it a blooming marvellous gift to be able to walk around and to not have to depend on others! I have so much admiration to those that have no choose but to live their lives depending on either crutches or a wheelchair, for a heads up you guys are blooming amazing!

I suppose to some extent it doesn’t come as a surprise that my body is taking a long time to sort itself out because I’m to some extent a bit of a medical mystery when it comes to my joints, bones and muscles and I’m not quite ‘right’ (Will shall see this and make a remark agreeing with this statement). I suppose what I’m trying to say is that no one should let an ailment or ‘disability’ get in the way from pursuing life to the absolutely fullest. (Blog post coming up about such things).

I know it’s going to heal in time but it’s a subtle reminder to embrace every single day and to rejoice for every thing that I do! So my loves, the moral of this story is to take nothing or no one for granted but to still make life as dreamy as possible along the way (even in the not so good bits)

Love C xxx