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The unknown

Evening, I thought I would write an incredibly honest kind of post. I thought I'd include an extract of a post I wrote back in July 2017. Could you imagine waking up one morning and realising that you can no longer feel the left side of your face. From one moment to the next your… Continue reading The unknown


A whole new chapter

Hello my loves! It's been quite some time since I last posted! A lot has happened in that time, so in true fashion perhaps you should put the kettle on and make yourself a nice cup of brew. So my last post was in September and now we are in December. It's been quite the… Continue reading A whole new chapter

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Let’s talk about the future

Evening! So I've been doing some thinking about that big and scary concept otherwise known as the future! Where on earth has the time gone? One minute it felt like I was a little girl and the next I'm planning for big things. For those of you who are fairly new, maybe I should kind… Continue reading Let’s talk about the future

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Why break the habit of a life time?

Hiyaaa it's meeeee! I'm back for another musing! What a surprise?! I'm just feeling super duper nostalgic and contemplative about life and this is the easiest way of airing my poor brain before it can turn off. I feel incredibly blessed! I really do! When I was packing up my belongings to go back to… Continue reading Why break the habit of a life time?

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You are beautiful!

It's like 7:30am (might not be the time it  goes live...) BUT I just had a sudden desire to write a post about... 'Loving the skin you are in'  I can hear it now... oh how incredibly cheesy! Yes. Maybe it is but it is so incredibly worth it and believe me once you start… Continue reading You are beautiful!

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Honesty Thursday: Self Esteem

Hello there! This might be a one off OR a regular thing. It's something that I've thought about doing for quite a while but I'm taking the plunge and going with the flow. Let's talk about self worth. Self worth otherwise commonly referred to as self esteem is defined as 'the sense of one's own value or worth as a person'. I'll be… Continue reading Honesty Thursday: Self Esteem

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Darlings! Guess whose back?

Screw Johnny (IT'S CHARLOTTE!) but I pose no danger honest! Good evening you lovely bunch of coconuts! (Coconut water is clearly on my mind) I think it's been roughly a week since I was last around on the blogosphere! I think I needed the break but I feel like this whole blogging my way through… Continue reading Darlings! Guess whose back?

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Update, blogging and general chit chat!

Evening my little webblings!  I feel like its been an age since I sat down and had a little chit chat with you all! So as you can probably tell I've been on holiday to France fairly recently and that has been the topic of discussion! I had quite a lot of content so I… Continue reading Update, blogging and general chit chat!