The end of an era

It’s official, I have finished my law degree. I am now a law graduate. Y’know what makes it that little bit better? Well I can now confirm that after three long years (which included literal blood, sweat and tears) I am pleased to say that I have achieved a 2:1 in my law degree. I blooming did … More The end of an era

22 things that I learnt whilst being an undergrad at university!

Oh Hiya! It’s me. Embrace first year, be hellish wild, do irresponsible things BUT (always stay safe).   In halls you are normally paired with an absolute bunch of misfits, your characters will clash, one flatmate will ALWAYS come back and wreck something and whilst doing so will no doubt set the fire alarm off … More 22 things that I learnt whilst being an undergrad at university!

Its Fri-yay!

Afternoon my lovelies! Tis me! It’s Fri-yay! I’m very pleased about this. I’ve had a super duper busy week and I literally couldn’t wait for a lie in today! Oh my goodness it was amazing! I slept in till 10:45am and then got up did the dishes and made myself presentable for the day. It was pretty … More Its Fri-yay!

Studio tour!

It’s a Friday and I’m off uni and feel like it’s a good time to do a tour of my studio! I am going to be crazy busy soon enough and literally won’t have time to do one and seeing as it’s looking fairly clean and tidy I thought I’d share my little home with … More Studio tour!

Food talk

As promised I am back with a post all about… you guessed it… FOOD. I love food, food is friend. (just not too much or too little) I made a rather thrilling trip to Marks & Spencers this morning to buy a few little goodies which I was really fancying! I’m trying to be good… myself … More Food talk

Be perseverant!

If life has taught me anything so far in my twenty one years on this earth, then it is this… Be perseverant! The unfortunate thing is that nothing is handed to us on a plate, we have to work for what we have, we have to actively seek experiences and jump at every single opportunity … More Be perseverant!

Day to day life!

Afternoon little web makers! It’s a Wednesday and I basically use Wednesday as a whatever I feel about writing about kind of day! I’ve been sat doing company law for two hours and then Will told me about a video I hadn’t got round to watching yet so I have given myself a half hour … More Day to day life!

It’s Thursday, it’s time for some thankful chitter chatter! (Law edition)

Hello little web makers! How are we all this dreary wet morning? I cannot believe where the time has gone! July literally just flew by and it seems August is flying by too! I’ll be back to Sheffield before I know it! I am feel particularly motivated at the moment! I know first year doesn’t … More It’s Thursday, it’s time for some thankful chitter chatter! (Law edition)