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Welcome to Charzweb!

Hello and welcome to my little corner of the web!

I am in a love affair with life. 

I am a twenty something woman and I love nothing more than going on beautiful adventures in the glorious sun shine and sitting next to a roaring fire in a country pub on a winters day! I’m an island girl who flocked to the city almost two years ago now! When I’m not traipsing up muddy paths and making Will stop for photos every two seconds I’m probably relaxing with a good old cup of tea or a glass of red. My motto in life is ‘to make life dreamy’ so that my friends is what this blog aims to do! So join me on my dreamy blogging adventure! I have set myself the challenge of making every little millisecond that I have here on this beautiful planet count! Planning dreamy adventures makes me fall hopelessly in love with this crazy adventure called life!



I wish I could say that going on beautiful adventures was my full time ‘job’ but that is most definitely not the case! I am currently studying law in the rolling hills of South Yorkshire! I really love my course and despite it being pretty full on I am still actively trying to make my life as dreamy and fun filled as possible in between all that learning statutes and case law! I plan to hopefully one day qualify as a solicitor (that is one of my biggest aims)


One of my favourite places in the world is the Peak District! I am one lucky little lady who quite literally has the Peaks on her doorstep (metaphorically speaking of course). My beautiful home island of Guernsey also holds an incredibly special place in my heart and it is only as I get older I realise just how fortunate I am to come from such a beautiful island!



I have a rather fantastic guy who is often mentioned who embraces all my little quirks and never fails to make me smile and yes I get that little glint in my eye whenever I mention him…

I am incredibly close to my family and they mean the absolute world to me!

So, if travel loving, adventures in abundance and making dreamy memories is your kind of thing then join the web and become a much loved webbling!

Basically… I’m a twenty something woman who is on a mission to make her life count and to love every little thing about it! Let’s raise a glass to celebrate being alive *clink*




Love & Hugs

C xxx

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